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De La Torre

Miguel Angel de la Torre was born in southern Mexico. He first came to the attention of the international art world on May 22, 1981 when he exhibited with Rufino Tamayo, one of the greatest painters of Mexico. This international exhibit was called the First Art Festival “Spring Potsina” where Rufino Tamayo, Miguel de la Torre and two Russian artists, A.m. Titov and Y.K. Karoliov displayed their works along with 60 years of Russian art. In 1982, Trevino, who was running for Governor, commissioned de la Torre to paint large murals on important buildings in Mexico. The first mural was done on the city theatre of San Suis Potosi. He later did a 25 x 45 ft mural that named Harmony. This was painted on the Revolutionary Institutional Party building. The mural consisted of a history of Mexico from Revolution of 1910 to the present. In 1986 his biggest project was to paint the Casa de la Cultura in Mexico City. de la Torre studied at the Potosino Institute of Art. He has developed a unique style of oil painting using geometric and symmetrical forms. The geometric forms in his pictures can be seen by the use of a triangle to give forms and define figures. The colors give the definition to forms when he paints in oils using vivid reds, yellows, and oranges.



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