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Hung Kwai Chan

After I graduated with a degree in accounting and art in 1981, I was determined to pursue an MBA and ready to embrace a “real” life. Yet there was always a little inner voice reminding me what I am. In 1984, instead of an MBA, I graduated with an MFA from Brigham Young University and was given the “Most Outstanding Student” award. During the late 1970’s I was a keen student of cubism, synchronism, and other aesthetic programs of modern art. From maneuver pigments to monochromatic paintings, I felt like I was inside a huge aesthetic warehouse trying to collect as much visual data as I could. But even with all this modern visual vocabulary I found it’s very hard for me to give birth to a true and satisfying emotion. I began to incorporate modern aesthetic knowledge with profound, mythical and romantic qualities of old masters to comment on the human consciousness and merge the tangible of every day life in an indifferential stream of images, objects and social statements. Over the years my paintings have won awards and have been exhibited in the following shows: Mid-Year Show – Butler Institute of American Art American Watercolor Society National Watercolor Society Allied Artists of America New Emerging Artists Utah Art Council Honolulu Academy of Arts San Diego International Watercolor Show



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