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Issa Shojaei

Born in Azerbaijan in 1955, Issa Shojaei has dedicated his career to his art. He studied at the Tehran Institute of Fine Art from 1977 to 1981 and thereafter spent considerable time travelling in Europe, mostly in Spain and Germany. By 1989, he made his way to Toronto, Canada where he has become an established artist with worldwide recognition. His work has appeared in magazines, films and on television. Like many artists, Issa Shojaeis art has evolved. His earliest compositions were abstracts featuring vivid colour and energetic lines, though their mood was often somber. His recent work is more lighthearted, featuring bright colours and whimsical subject matter. Over the years, his use of colour has become increasingly symbolic, capturing the personality of his figures. His controlled and confident use of a primary-based palette persists as one of the most noteworthy aspects of his work. From light to dark, colours are carefully blocked, then black is added to intensify feeling.



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