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Jiri Salaba

Jiří Salaba The artist was born March 31, 1947 in Semily. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where he graduated in 1978. Since then, he has worked as a free lance artist in Semily. He has done artistic work for the Munich based company Radetsky und Mörtel Gemölde Ferlag. He has had over 40 collective exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, France and Germany. He has participated in: IXth International Biennial of Painting, Slovakia; Czechoslovak Art in Strasbourg, France; Hajdúsági Nemzetközi Müvésztelep, Hungary; and the Days of Czech Culture, Copenhagen. He has also had one man shows in Germany, Olomouc, Přerov, Praha, Olomouc, Pardubice and Semily.



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