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Jorge Vigil

On April 15, 1963 Sara Vidal and her husband Dr. Delfin Vigil welcomed into the world their second son, Jorge Delfin Vigil Vidal, in Lima, Peru. Jorge grew up near the sea in the outlying community of Orrantia Del Mar; one can see that a fascination with the mystery of the ocean inspired much of his work on canvas, particularly as intrinsic to symbolism from the ancient Peruvian world – a favorite theme in his work. He began drawing at an early age, even as a primary level student in Sacred Heart "Recoleta" School. He continued his studies through secondary level in this same private Roman Catholic institute until he was ready to enter college at age seventeen. At the University of Lima, curiously, he did not go immediately into the study of art, but spent two years in the Department of the Science of Communication. Before completing the two years, however, he had already begun studying in a watercolor workshop in the Lima Museum of Art. Departing the University of Lima in 1983, he went on with art study first at the "Agora de Barranco" painting workshop, and then pursued his course of study in the National School of Fine Arts in Lima, specializing in Design and Painting. There he stayed for five years -- until 1988 – learning the history and techniques of the masters, refining his style, and beginning the altogether distinct, compelling, and original work for which he is known today. For two years he painted in Lima as an independent artist. In 1990 he decided to study abroad if he could arrange it, and because France has been the traditional Mecca for art study as well as for practicing artists, he visited the consul at the Embassy of France in Lima, presenting his credentials. Luckily for Jorge and for those of us who admire his work, the French Government decided to support his study of art in Southern France in the School of Arts and Communication in Pau, a city just north of the Pyrenees not far from Biarritz on the Atlantic Shore. The artist arrived in Pau in the year 1990 to begin his work, and there he continues to reside in 1999, having married a citizen of France, Marie Andre Ripoche of Praillon. The fresh environment led to new approaches in his work. Jorge’s use of color grew more subtle, the themes increasingly personal. Stroll through the gallery once again and note the shifts in focus and thematic.



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