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Keith Abney

Keith Abney is originally from Ringgold, Georgia, a small town where his grandfather was a well-known scenic artist. Keith was always interested in the arts. Early on he was more interested in the performing arts. As he grew older he felt swayed toward painting. After attending school at the University of Tennessee, Keith lived in Miami. In the early 1990’s he sold large paintings at outdoor venues. Eventually, Keith moved to New York and painted for several galleries. After a couple of years in New York, he moved closer to home. He currently resides in Atlanta, where he paints in his own studio. Although he mostly paints abstracts, he also paints still lifes and architectural images as well. Keith’s palette is rich in color and texture. There is a quality of inner light that comes from way deep in the paintings that stems from his application technique. Each painting is painted in layers. First he roughs in the image with pencil. Then he paints the initial layer using both oil and acrylic paints. Next he may apply a layer of varnish or polyurethane. This process is repeated until the painting comes alive. He finishes the painting just as he started it with pencil sketching. Artist Statement: “My palette is rich in color and texture. I approach each painting as a one-of-a-kind. Each painting is painted in layers. I will rough in the image with pencil and then paint the primary layer using gesso, oil, and acrylic paints. Typically, a layer of varnish or polyurethane is then added. This process is repeated until the painting is alive and takes on a life of its own. I then finish each painting as I started it, with pencil sketching.”



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