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Marluaz Draplkowski

was born in Gdansk, Poland in 1960. He is married and has two sons. He began his career as an artist just after completing his secondary school, at the sculpture studio of the renowned artist from Gdansk, Master Kepski. At the same time, he began his study at the University of Gdansk. During the four years spent at Master Kepski’s sculpture studio and under his supervision, he learned and practiced sculpture of granite and marble. From this he received his fondness of beauty, diligence and persistence. After his Master’s death he decided to try his very best as a gold smith. Fascinated by the glorious traditions of the Gdansk artistic handicraft, he opened his own workshop in 1986. He began to create with his own hands the first artistic glass products with natural amber and silver ornaments. It was quite soon that those artistic products found approval in Poland and abroad. The products created in his workshop were given awards and prizes on numerous exhibitions. His clients are mainly customers form Germany, France, and Holland. His works are also known in the United States, Japan, and New Zealand. He works closely with the Museum of the Teutonic knights’ Culture in Malbork where his products are placed. What the artist appreciates most is the fact that his products have found approval and have been bought in Vatican City and by members of the Royal Family of England. In the last two years, the artist returned to his roots by taking up sculpting as well. His recent activity has resulted in sculptures combining wood with silver and natural amber, as well as unique paintings created with the use of those natural materials. In his artistic work, he uses old gold smith techniques. All of his works are made by hand.



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