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Pamm Collins

Born in Columbia, SC 1967 The Chi of Paint Bare toes creep across the carpet to the cat under my easel Hand swirling the wind blown tree onto the canvas Colors bright and chilling lay fast the landscape in my mind Full finger stretching dizzy with the full moon Spending the day with a cat, cool light and paint Written by: Pamm Collins 2008 I want my art to be a witness to life. I want to capture a moment and allow my work to tell its story. When I concentrate my attention on what appears as blank space I find the space is filled with a dense amount of information. I'm impressed with the light behind and through things. The shadows hold a deep story as they hold tight to the last of the light. I'm inspired to hum a melody of familiar tune to compliment the seen I'm beholding at times. A fiery orange and red sunset may warrant the Star Wars theme music. My deepest fears gets to live in the under painting letting the light of life burst out. I love living a creative life and I'm driven to create something form nothing. Letting my imagination run wild and laughing as much as possible are some of my favorite things to do. Drawing, painting, sculpting and writing help me find my way in world. In fact, art was therapy during my battle with lifes difficulty.



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