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Born in Arequipa, Peru in 1958, Pantigozo studied at the "Escuela de Bellas Artes" in Arequipa and has had more the fifty solo and group exhibitions in Peru, Italy, the U. S. of America, Venezuela, Chile and Bolivia. These exhibitions include: "Luces y colores del Peru", Galeria Ada Negri, Milan, Italy (1990); "the Charlotte sister cities International Art Exhibition", Charlotte, NC (1990); La Puerta del Sol, La Paz, Bolivia (1990); "Noche de arte", U.S. Embassy, Lima, Peru (1990-80); J. Melberg Gallery, Charlotte, NC (1987); "Campo y cosecha", Galeria Trapecio, Lima, Peru (1986); "Raices peruanas en el arte contemporaneo", Casa de España, New York, NY (1984); and, "Homenaje al Libertador Simon Bolivar", Caracas, Venezuela. Most of his subjects emanate from the farm of his brother in Arequipa, where Pantigozo was born. His main interest is the relation of the man of the Andes with the "MAMAPACHA" or land. The spirituality of the paintings, on the other hand, originate in the dual culture (the western and the andean cultures) that the man of the Andes confronts. It is interesting to know that the wife, Zoila de los Santos, is also a painter investigating the relation man-water. The treatment of the media is similar but the content is absolutely different. Pantigozo shows potential as one of the most important Latin American painters from the present century and his message should be spread loud and clear. Amng his most important exhibitions should be mentioned: 1984 USA Embassy; 1984 Sala Picasso, New York; 1985 Trapecio Gallery 1985 USA Embassy; 1985 Sala Picasso, New York; 1985 Los Cóndores 1985 American Peruvian Institute Arequipa; 1986 Trapecio Gallery (one man exhibition); 1986 Los Cóndores; 1986 Extebandes, Arequipa; 1987 Trapecio Gallery 1987 Yacht Club, Ancón; 1987 USA Embassy; 1987 Banco Industrial, Arequipa 1987 Banco Agrario, Arequipa; 1987 Extebandes, Arequipa; 1988 Banco Industrial, Arequipa; 1988 American Peruvian Institute, Arequipa; 1988 USA Embassy, Lima 1988 Galeria America, Lima; 1988 Galeria Trapecio, Lima; 1989 Galeria Trapecio, Lima; 1989 Galeria America, Lima; 1989 USA Embassy, Lima; 1990 Galeria Ada Negri, Milan, Italy; 1990 USA Embassy, Lima; 1990 Casino Municipal, Arica, Chile 1990 Consulate of Peru, Iquique, Chile; 1990 International Art Exhibition, Charlotte, NC 1990 Galeria La Puerta del Sol, La Paz, Bolivia



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