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Sergey Cherep

Was born Sergey Cherepakhin in St. Petersburg, Russia on January 24, 1969. His creative and artistic talents were recognized early. He was encouraged to attend art school and began studying art by the age of eight. During that time, Sergey discovered his absolute love of art. After completing his first few years of school, Sergey knew he wanted to attend one of the most prestigious art schools in Europe, the “Serovo Art Institute.” In the next few years of his education, he studied extensively all the classic forms of art including, European art history, photography, printing process, sculpture, restoration methods and painting everything from still-life to portraits. Sergey’s images reflect his passion for French Impressionism and his love of color. Imagination fueled by a lifetime of wanderlust is the key to his lively and popular landscapes. Energy flows from his paintings with a gentle yet powerful force that keeps one captivated for a lifetime. His work has been exhibited across the globe, from his homeland of Russia in St. Petersburg and Moscow, to galleries in England, Australia and in the United States of America. His one-man shows and special exhibits are typically “SOLD-OUT” events. The 32 year old artist was recently recognized in December of 2000 by the ACCADEMIA INTERNAZIONALE, Greco-Marino, Accademia Del Verbano, Di Lettere, Arti, Scienze in Italy, with an appointment of Professor Sergey Cherepakhin, Associate Academician, Department of Arts. The appointment was based on Sergey’s artistic life reported in the Dizionario Enciclopedico d’Arte Contemporanea and other catalogues and was awarded the nationwide title of ACADEMICAL ASSOCIATE OF VERBANO. Like many who venture to the United States, Sergey Americanized his name. His artwork often holds the signature Sergey Cherep.



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