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Sogomonyan “What I want, is to take people to a new world and have them escape their normal humdrum lives.” Vigen’s world is a delicate mixture of bright colors and deep shadows, as well as smooth sensuous curves and surfaces which are lush and inviting, a dimension where dreams can transform into reality. Born in 1969 to an artistic family, he was influenced by art an an early age, and of 14 when he began attending art school. He continued his education, and in 1988 enrolled in the Artistic - Theatrical Institute of Yerevan, Armenia, where he studied Graphic Design. His education and training gave him a solid background, while his love of stories, and especially fairy tales became a noticeable contributor to all his work. Utilizing a combination of influences such as historical period dress, the circus, and traditional costumers, Vigen clothes his imaginary creatures in exotic and colorful costumes, while placing them with unusual and often symbolic objects. His rich style is fascinating in its simplicity, and captivating in where the images take you. Presently living in Los Angeles, Vigen continues to explore and create other worlds of fantasy and color.



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